Corporate Events

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Fresh. Delicious. Tasty.

Take your office party and corporate lunches to a whole new level. 

Impress your clients with that professional touch.

All of our Hot and cold foods our truly fresh and beautifully presented. Green bowl cut out just the right menu to turn you office lunch and party into a real success.

Looking forward to service you.

Featured Menu Items

Bagel Platters

Large & Small

Classic Portobello Mushroom

Fettuccine Alfredo

Ramen Noodel Salad

Vegetable Platter

Large & Small

Mushroom & Brocolli Quiches

BBQ Corn Romaine Salad


Creamy Garden Pasta


Green Bowl offers a large variety of soups

Soup Sterno's

Fresh Soup

Soup Sterno's

Smoothies (Dairy & Parve)

Green Bowl offers a large variety of Smoothies (Pareve & Dairy)


Dairy Strawberry


Variety Fruit Smoothies


Our signature Salad and Fruit gifts get raving reviews by all!

We are confident you will love to send or receive them.

It's best to place orders 1 day in advance to assure we will have it ready in time.

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